Monday, November 22, 2010

And Yet Again... Another Project Update

Blaaaaah. Another snag in my project. Last Monday I learned that all that I had been working on in terms of splicing together my film footage was, to my great horror, lost! So I am back to square one. But not at the same square I first started from. I am scrapping my film idea completely because it just hasn't gone right since I began. So, instead of using moving pictures I am opting to use photos instead and am moving from YouTube to Flickr. That also means I have a little more  flexibility in being creative when it comes to designing and editing my photos as well as trying to find innovative ways to get my writing out there within each photo. I am sticking with my "on the road" theme as far as pictures and text go. So far I see my photos as being something similar to postcards where each card (or photo in this case) is telling a story and since my form is the repeating of a single phrase throughout, I think relating my project to moving postcards is accurate. I also have to admit that since changing my format I have become a lot more motivated to create in general which is great because I am really coming down to the wire in terms of having enough time. Hopefully my project will convey a part of me as both a visual artist and as a writer. I think at the end of this that that is my true goal, expressing myself in a way that will motivate me to continue with these sorts of projects and getting my work out there.

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