Monday, November 22, 2010

Replanting Trees to Go Green

While I am pro-green (recycling, trying to conserve, or reuse that sort of thing) I was really confused a few days ago when UB sent out an email explaining that sometime in the future roads around campus might be blocked, have limited access, or have no parking due to the university's plan to plant new trees. Hooray! I love trees. But the kicker here is that the school is cutting down trees to plant trees which, to me, was taking a step backward. Any thoughts on this? I have a few favorite trees (maybe that sounds strange, but you start to notice those kinds of things when you're walking down the same streets week after week just like you notice certain little street attributes) and I am sad that they are in jeopardy of being ripped up and replaced! Maybe I'm a tree hugger? Or maybe I just don't like change. But what I really don't like is seeing ugly orange plastic fencing all over the places that I walk. Sigh.

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