Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sex and the City 2 Does a Belly Flop

I finally made time last night to sit down and watch Sex and the City 2, which I had been looking forward to watching since it came out. I guess I am a closeted fan these days as there is not a lot of Sex and the City out other than the films. I also just recently read the book (I, too, found it hard to believe that I own every single episode, including movie 1, and still had never read the book!). So, I watched movie 2 and was sadly disappointed for the most part. Of course it was funny as Carrie and the girls usually are, but it didn't grip me like the last movie (were Carrie and Big REALLY getting married?!). I think the fact that the majority of the film being spent in Abu Dhabi had something to do with it. Not a lot was going on plot wise either. I thought that Carrie and Aidan were going to do more than kiss since it seemed like it was such a big part of the advertisements, but they did not. I think the only person who was her usual self was Samantha. She was as in your face during this movie as she was when the series first came out. Carrie's, Miranda's, and Charlotte's characters seemed to fizzle out. I guess my main issue with tv shows/series turned into movies is thinking that it is going to be 100% comparable to the show. This, of course, is not the case. I feel as though if this were still being filmed as a show and not a movie, then the plot would have been better because it could have been dragged out over several episodes instead of trying to cram so much into two and a half hours. That being so, even though this movie didn't do it for me, I still hope that they give Sex and the City 3 a try.

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