Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ghost Writer's

Today after running many errands, I sat down on my couch to veg out. Flipping through the channels I stopped to watch a few bits of E's Kendra and happened to stop on a section where she was talking about writing her book. No, but that's not true. She was talking about her ghost writer writing her book. Here we go, I thought, this should be good. And I wasn't disappointed. If I remember correctly, Kendra worried about her writer portraying her in the way that she wanted others to see her. She made a comment about having a lot of soul, and wanting that soul to shine through in her book. Isn't that the point of writing a book? I wanted to yell at the tv. If it's YOUR book you create the persona of well, yourself or your characters. You tell people what you want them to know and create the "soul" of the book. Kendra kept calling the book her's, but I just don't think that's accurate when you are relying on a ghost writer. Overall the whole scenario just made me angry. Angry because there are so many of us who are sitting down and taking the time to create things that probably won't ever get the chance to see the light of day and here because she is Hugh Hefner's ex, she gets a book deal and doesn't even have to do a quarter of the work. It all comes back to that old saying, "Well life just isn't fair..." Well, you got that right!

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